7 single-use pre-filled applicators


Relactagel® is a lactic acid gel which:

  • Restores and maintains the natural pH balance of the vagina creating a suitable environment for Lactobacilli to grow
  • Relieves abnormal, embarrassing vaginal discharge and odour (keputihan)
  • Relactagel is suitable for women of all ages, even during pregnancy

Produced by:

Kora Healthcare, Dublin, Ireland (imported by PT. Merhati Keluarga Medika, Jakarta, Indonesia)




Each pack contains 7 x 5ml tubes, enough to treat one episode of bacterial vaginosis, or enough to use as prevention against BV for two to three months, if used as directed for 2-3 days after each menstrual period.

  • For treatment — 1 single tube every day for 7 days at bedtime
  • For prevention — 1 single tube every day for 2-3 days after menstruation


Lactic acid, glycogen (from oysters: not suitable for people with shellfish allergy), propylene glycol, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, water


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